Custom Colors. Multiple Quality Checks. Quick Turn Around Time.

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Powder Worx

Bennett Industries is proud to offer a wide range of powder coating options to provide a complete finish for your proposed projects. We are proud to offer the capability to encompass large size projects, offer timely completion times, endless color options, and both industrial and residential options.  


Size Options 

We offer powder coating options for multiple sized objects, including those traditionally too large to be filled by local venues. Our oven allows us to work on items as great as twenty-four feet.

Oven Options

We conveniently have three oven options on hand. These options allow us to ensure both proper completion of the task at hand and the ability to complete multiple tasks without delaying turn around time.


Color Options

In addition to popular color options, we offer a multitude of color shades and finishes. We are also proud to offer a color match service to ensure your new products fit seamlessly with your previous products.

Industrial and Residential Options

Our powder coating services allow both large scale services for industrial projects, as well as, small service options for personal projects.